Hilton Garden Inn Celebrates Five Years of Hospitality Excellence

On the 24th of August 2023, the Hilton Garden Inn celebrated a momentous occasion, marking its 5th year of operations with festivities. This anniversary not only signifies a triumphant half-decade of operations but also serves as a resounding testament to the hotel’s unwavering dedication to delivering top notch service to its cherished guests.
Welcoming guests to the festivities, Hotel General Manager, Kudzai Nheweyembwa extended his heartfelt gratitude to the owners of the hotel, NAPSA for the support especially during the Covid pandemic, the Government for providing an enabling business environment and the business community for the cordial business relations throughout the past five years. He emphasized the significance of the event, marking a pivotal milestone in the hotel’s journey. “As Hilton Garden Inn, we proudly expand our commitment to benefit the local community where we are situated. As an establishment, we place a significant emphasis on contributing to three key aspects of community support: global sourcing, water stewardship, and youth empowerment. Specifically, within the domain of youth empowerment, we initiated a noteworthy endeavor when our hotel first opened its doors. A remarkable 70% of our initial workforce consisted of individuals under the age of 25, and over the past five years, we have had the privilege of providing training and internship opportunities to 100 young talents. We firmly believe in the importance of being an outstanding community partner” he said.
Minister of Labour and Social Security, Honourable Brenda Mwika Tambatamba, represented by the Minister of Tourism and Arts, Honourable Rodney Sikumba, extended her warmest congratulations to the hotel for its remarkable achievements over the past five years and expressed her confidence in the hotel’s continued success in the years ahead. Minister Tambatamba also commended the hotel for creating jobs and providing internships for students. The minister was thrilled by the unwavering dedication and hard work exhibited by the hotel’s management and staff, who consistently deliver top-tier service to its guests.
Meanwhile, the Board Chairperson for the NAPSA Hospitality Investment Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of NAPSA, Christabel Mitchel thanked all the business partners for supporting NAPSA’s hospitality business which she said had taken the hospitality sector by storm. She affirmed the company’s commitment to the development of the tourism sector and support to the vulnerable communities through its robust CSR programmes.
NAPSA Director of Human Resources and Administration, Agness Chiyassa represented the NAPSA Director General. In the speech read on his behalf, the DG lauded the hotel’s commitment to maintaining exemplary service standards, noting that the results had already started coming through payment of the owners’ return in 2022 and mid-year 2023.
Mr. Muyangwa also underscored the importance of the hotel’s success to NAPSA, emphasizing its direct contribution to fulfilling the Authority’s mandate, which is to provide social security to the people of Zambia. He also pointed to the hotel’s contributions to the Zambian economy. “The hotel is contributing to the economy by providing a market to local suppliers of various goods and services, and due to its wide international footprint, it also brings in forex that is helping stabilize the local currency”.
As the Hilton Garden Inn celebrates its 5th year anniversary, it does so with a profound sense of accomplishment and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the guest experience. The hotel remains a radiant gem in Zambia’s hospitality landscape, dedicated to delivering world-class service. Whether you are a weary traveller or a local seeking a taste of luxury, Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka remains the preferred choice.
The Hilton Garden Inn boasts a plethora of modern amenities, spacious rooms, and a team of devoted staff members who have made it their life’s mission to bestow guests with unforgettable experiences.
Here’s to five years of unwavering excellence and to the promise of many more years of remarkable hospitality!

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