2024 Financial Literacy Week Launched in Lusaka: NAPSA Promotes Financial Education and Pension Awareness

On Monday March 18, 2024, NAPSA participated in the launch of the 2024 Financial Literacy Week at Cosmopolitan Mall, Lusaka, which aims to raise awareness among pupils, youths and all Zambian citizens about financial matters, highlighting the importance of financial education in shaping a collective future and promoting financial literacy nationwide.
Under the theme “Protect your money, secure your Future,” the launch event, spearheaded by the Ministry of Finance, was preceded by a march that brought together various stakeholders in the financial sector. The launch was attended by prominent figures including Mr. Dennis Chisenda, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance, Mr. Joel Kamoko, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Education, and the Bank of Zambia Governor, Dr. Denny Kalyalya, who also served as Guest of Honor.
The Governor emphasized the importance of citizens safeguarding their money by investing with licensed financial institutions. He also encouraged the promotion of digital finance through the cashless campaign while urging caution against fraudulent online activities.
During the event, a dance and a sketch were performed, which highlighted on the significance of mobile money and emphasizing the prevalence of fraud and scams, as well as the importance of security measures. Additionally, pupils present showcased their talents through poem emphasizing the importance of financial literacy.
NAPSA actively participated during the launch in educating attendees about the pension scheme and addressing any queries or concerns from clients. The NAPSA team provided valuable information about pension benefits, eligibility criteria, and the importance of long-term financial planning through pension.

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