REAL Estate Portfolio

Diversification of overall investment portfolio. Reduction of exposure and concentration risk in GRZ Securities (risk of fall in interest rates). Long term assets with steady cashflow streams to match pension liabilities in the long term. Market potential for retail, office and housing needs in certain parts of the countr

Levy Business Park


  • Construction of Mixed-Use Business Centre comprising 2 Star Hotel, Shopping Mall and Office Park.
  • Fully completed and operational
  • Market demand –General Public
  • Scheme Mode –Build and Own
  • Procurement Mode –Traditional

Kalulushi Housing Scheme


  • Construction of 438 units.
  • Comprising 19 low cost, 360 medium cost, 59 high cost, shopping centre and school .
  • Market demand –Mining houses, Kalulushi Municipal Council and general public.
  • 90% Complete with full completion scheduled for January 2014.
  • Scheme Mode –Build and Sale
  • Procurement Mode -Traditional