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The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) wishes to notify all the applicants who attended Aptitude Tests at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka from 5th to 7th September, 2013 for the under-listed jobs which were advertised in July 2013 that those who would not have heard from us by Friday, 18th October, 2013 should consider themselves as not having met the required benchmark for the respective positions to be subjected to Panel Interviews.....Click for more details

NAPSA, National Pension Scheme Authority @2009
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About National Pension Scheme Authority

National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) was established through an Act of Parliament, the National Pension Scheme Act of 1996. It came into being on 12th February 2000 following the transformation of the then Zambia National Provident Fund (ZNPF) which had been in existence since 1966.

NAPSA’s mandate is to act as the main vehicle for providing retirement and other social security benefits to workers in the country.

The main functions of NAPSA are to collect contribution income, invest this income and then distribute benefits when they fall due.  In addition, the government has given powers to NAPSA to prosecute employers who fail to pay contributions to the plan.  These multiple functions require that NAPSA has skills, systems and processes to meet the relevant demands imposed on it by legislation.


The scheme is administered by an independent tripartite authority composed of members drawn from government, employees and employers’ associations who form a Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for corporate policy formulation.

The day to day administration of the Authority is the responsibility of the Director General who is the Chief Executive Officer and is assisted by Six Directors and Managers who head the following Directorates and Departments:

Contributions and Benefits – Collects contributions, processes them and pays benefits when they fall due.

Investments – Invests contribution income and existing fund to ensure a positive return and enable the Authority to pay the benefits when the fall due.

Authority (Legal) – provides legal guidance and support to the Authority.

Human Resources
- Employs, develops and ensures Authority has adequate staff with right caliber to execute its mandate to its members.

Finance – facilitates effective financial resource management and ensures the Authority funds are utilized in a prudent manner

Administration and Information Technology – provides guidance to the Authority on tender requirements, and support in areas of security, transport and office services. It also provides IT systems and solutions to facilitate the efficient operations of the Authority.

Audit – Provides assurance of systems and procedures and identifies risks and controls necessary for such risks.

Public Affairs – Enhances good corporate citizenship through the use of various media.

Each department is supported at the implementation level by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and technicians.


NAPSA covers all regularly employed persons in all sectors of the economy, although coverage is currently restricted to the formal sector. The cumulative number of members registered since the inception of the scheme in 2000 is slightly above 900,000 with active members around 600,000. The number of employers registered with the scheme is 18,000.These are spread across the country and are serviced through the Authority’s large network of 10 area offices and 13 district branches.

Benefits under NAPSA

NAPSA provides for the main three branches of social security benefits which include old age, invalidity, and survivors. The benefits are indexed to wage inflation and reflect a preservation of the value of the benefits over time.

The benefits are paid in form of a pension or lump sum for those who do not meet the minimum requirements for a pension. A lump sum funeral grant which is a one-off payment is also paid upon the death of a member.

Contribution to Economic Growth

The Authority’s vision is to add the highest value to members’ funds and also to the Zambian economy. In this regard, NAPSA plays an important role in the development and expansion of the National economy by availing capital through the financial banking systems for onward lending to emerging and existing businesses.


In line with its vision, NAPSA is allowed to invest part of the funds collected according to the Investment Guidelines stipulated by the NAPSA Board.
The Authority’s primary investment objective is capital preservation, investment returns and liquidity. This is achieved by ensuring that the funds are managed prudently within acceptable parameters of risk defined by the Investment Guidelines and board approved asset allocation limits for each investment period.

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